Ode to Brick Lane

Remind me of that day, Brick Lane and I we parted ways. A sense of something ending and a sense of Autumn on the soft-sharp winds,

It was one of those air-perfect days, when everything was just on the cusp, the beginning of life it felt, the passing of the last 8 years, seemingly held luna-like in the sky of that one Octobral sky…

What was held here within these streets?

What memories of footsteps trodden on many a Saturday morn, on a Sunday jaunt still clutching head what memories of laughs and stomach-doubled hand-elbow crutch the grime of cigarettes when that stamped ink stains on nights before

What memories are here-

Restaurants I’ve seen shut and close bars I’ve seen- eking out a living from the beginning. 8 08 Whole Years

Eight days and days and nights of rays of sun that permeated by grasping breath that little basement room

Shuttered out the sun which sang on bottle-tops and grim shuttered corner shops how I loved you Brick Lane you full of scum and honest shite and face of road and grime and glum and cacti shouts and yells and glaring jar of drums and bells-



Peace. Piece of crime that’s quiet for a while = 4 AM – 5 AM, when siren clocks are kept by their complices, clocks and ‘complices slumped in doorways stumped with wooden panelling in its 18th c. eves- that’s when it’s quiet. In Georgian squatters dreams. Between the ears of many a head who lies upon a bugwarm bed – believe me I know how that feels, to be loved by begs and bugs and your own true love all within your basement bed – true love’s had your weary head

Nature’s rest.

For everything is natural here. Naturally inane,

Naturally filled with fake champagne and coconuts with holes. ‘#HipsterGoals’- whatever that means

I mean, what’s the point? Of loving somewhere so much you can’t leave, what does that achieve, apart from debt I couldn’t afford, dreams I couldn’t believe – but you

Know what? I wanted to leave. I had breathed-this air, this dream-I had achieved

Everything I wanted to= here. It was time

It was time to take my mildewed things and turn my hand with clean-palmed spring towards the life I wanted- now

For it was Autumn

And the leaves are



= this town in the pale October night – take flight –

Grimydreams are over now. And a new one

Just begun.

If you would like to visit Brick Lane I recommend the following:

Rokit Vintage on Brick Lane

ATIKA on Hanbury Street

The Food Markets – particularly on a Sunday

Vintage clothing and traders market – also on a Sunday

Café 1001

Rough Trade East

Chez Elles Bistroquet


The Hookah Lounge

Beyond Retro

The Carpenters Arms – one of the best pubs in London

The Beigel Shops – both of them*

*Get the salmon and cream cheese bagel with black pepper and lemon to cure a hangover

Casa Blue

Start from the bottom of Brick Lane (entrance via Osborn St next to Aldgate East station)

And work your way up

In Love&Light FS XOX

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