Come With Me… London’s Secret Hidden Gem Is A Garden In The Centre Of The City

Have you ever wondered what’s behind the Inns Of Court? On a scorching hot day in July, I went behind the tight air, businessmen and swarming tourists of Fleet Street.

Through the stone arches that beckoned oh-so-quietly with their private shadows…

There is a garden.

A garden so beautiful and large – well-tended – that it took my breath away. Climbing the railings with hands poker-warm

Would they see me? Where was the event, was it private, would they see me

If I jumped down behind the marquee,

I needn’t have worried.

This garden is open…

Or at least, to those who can find it.

Take a wander through Mitre Court,

You’ll find King’s Bench Walk,

Come through the courtyard…

There’s a fence.

Don’t let it deter you.

For this garden is open.

Flowers and all.

Through the bucket-full windows, the sounds of typing pour

But you’re without my friend without – you can’t hear the traffic roar …

The Inner Temple Garden is open from 12.30 PM – 3.30 PM every weekday.

Follow the lanes round from Temple Church and don’t be deterred by the railings. Just wander inside

The gate is by One Crown Office Row.

Happy huntings.

In love&light FS


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