It’s Important To Remember…

…How Loved You Are 

I’m having a bit of a tough time with family at the moment. Things seem to be far from easy sometimes and I find myself feeling guilty that I’m not better equipped to just get on with it. I don’t think love always shows itself when you need it, or in the forms you most recognise. But then, what does? Looking at pictures of my birthday this year, I realise how full of light I felt. Always a special event to me, it was especially so this year as it was the first one in my new house. This cake was made by mama, sprinkled with pink frosting and decorated with crystallised primroses picked from the woods behind our cottage in Yorkshire. Eating it surrounded by my friends and the warm flickering of candles, I felt like the Sugar Plum Fairy.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend, if you need a cuddle I am sending you blessings.

My love, FS XO

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