Summer Tidings

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St James’s Park in the drizzle

On this wet, windy and strangely warm drizzly day in November, I think back to the summer seemingly just gone. It was a time of great uncertainty, but it brought with it some spectacular views…and it introduced me to St James’s Park, where I spend much of my time. It brings me joy being here, in the hub of the city, and yet surrounded by such tranquility – water, sky, trees, earth and Nature.

Trafalgar Square on a summer's morning

Trafalgar Square on a summer’s morning.

The view from my (old) offices. Politics isn't what you think it is.

The view from my (old) office.

St James's Park... Peaceful under the trees

St James’ Park, peaceful under the trees –

...and from the other side

…and from the other side.

Happy Thursday, folks!

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