If you want to know where your heart is...

This quote came to me via Morgan Stewart, author of Boobs and Loubs, soon to be (I have no doubt) a best-selling book, Boobs, Loubs and Blowjobs. I found it on her Instagram page and I saved it immediately, thinking ‘that’s the Truth’, ‘that’s what I think and couldn’t find the words to say’. It has given me such strength to look into my dreams, my thoughts, the wayward ideas that carry me through. Even the most ‘out there’ thoughts have a place here. All of those musings that you find your mind wandering to and then coming away from thinking ‘that will never happen’ – this is their home and this is where your truth lies.

I think when working out what your ideal career would be it is important to ask yourself what it is the fills your spare time – what would you be doing if you didn’t have to do any of the things that you don’t want to do, like ‘work’ or school, etc.? Where does your mind go when you are daydreaming? What is the thing that you can’t not do, that you don’t even notice that you are doing because it is just so natural? The thing that makes you happy, the thing you do to relax?

This is where your dream career path lies. It is in the thing you can’t stop yourself doing, the thing that you do just for you and no one else.

If you have to force it leave it

Learning not to force things is so important. If something doesn’t come naturally to you to the point where you realise that a) it’s making you fake your emotions or b) you genuinely don’t enjoy it, then that is you, your instinct, your gut, telling you that it isn’t for you. If you’re feeling this way, it just means that there is something else out there for you, something better that will make your heart sing.

I understood myself only when I had...


This is just the process of finding out who you truly are, and what you love enough to bring you back to Earth.


Just so you know:

Mine took me years.

I’m still getting there.

This is your Phoenix Moment.


Just so you all know. Whatever it is you are dreaming about – YOU CAN DO IT.



We must.



Probably one of my favourite quotes ever. If you have the courage to pursue your dreams, a path will unfold before you even if it was not the one you initially intended. What happens when you stay in the same place for fear of what may happen if you take a new direction? Nothing. No path is made without footsteps that tread it first.



This is true. I will never forget Mama saying to me when I was really down – ‘In order to help everyone else and help the world, you first have to help yourself’. Looking inside yourself, especially when you are not happy with the status quo, is scary because you don’t know which path to take. If you are true to yourself and take the time to know yourself inside out then good will come to you no matter what. And if it doesn’t at that very moment or if it takes time, at least you will always know that you never lied to yourself or were fake with yourself, because that is a dangerous person to lie to.



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I think quotes like this really inspire me because they are also the hardest to put into practice, which is precisely why I save them on my phone whenever I come across one that encourages you to have some self-discipline over your thoughts and words. It’s a bit like the kind of discipline you want to exercise in your diet or fitness regime. I often find that with one comes the other. Don’t get me wrong – my diet and exercise regime are far from perfect – but it’s when I come across quotes like this that I remind myself that thoughts and words count too. I want to be healthy all round, and even if I’m not achieving it right now, at least I am aiming for it in the future.



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I mean what else can I say about this image. It is always mind-blowing to me that rather than focussing on protecting the very entities, namely Earth and Nature, that give us life and provide us with the oxygen, environment and materials to build things like relationships, treaties, governments, restaurants, clothing stores, parks, wildlife centres, educational institutions, dance schools, anything, you name it – the entirety of what our social and cultural surroundings are today – we choose instead to focus on petty disputes, arms races, building weapons that prolong pain and suffering and violence, the creation and exacerbation of wealth and greed and money, the mass production of plastic and fossil fuels that damage EVERYTHING on Earth. I wish there was some way of making people see that the one thing that we should all be focussing our efforts on rather than against is the Earth and all the life that is so bountiful on it. And when people start focussing on that, they would stop focussing on all the other things that are damaging everyone. I wish it was a realistic plea. But what I do know is that there are enough people out there who do see this that we can make a real difference to detract from the negative efforts of those who can’t.


I’ve been thinking about this one a lot this week. Keep dreaming, guys!


The ego and the soul – the eternal struggle. I have to say though that this and the quote below have a real ring of truth to them – and I say this from experience…!


I think we are all very apt to fall into the trap of thinking that if we just have this dress, this house, this holiday, this car, this job, this girl, this man that everything will be better automatically. It is a very difficult mindset to get out of. The truth is, most of the time it doesn’t. I think for me the thing that really makes this true is when I really make an effort to stop myself from panicking due to my lack of something (and most of the time this ‘something’ is money. Or affection) and take myself out for a walk by the Thames instead, or go for a swim, or go to the gym, or go singing, or call a friend. And then the fear of the lack of something doesn’t seem so huge anymore. We all have that one thing that we really crave the most, especially when we are feeling vulnerable. I think what this quote taught me is that the answer to so many of life’s cravings are actually within you, which sounds so incredibly cheesy I know, and I just had a flash of Rafiki from The Lion King gesturing to Simba’s reflection in the water and going ‘He liiives… In yoooouuuu’ in his really wise way when he’s talking about Simba’s dead father Mufasa. Aaanyway. What I’m trying to say here is – when you’re not craving something you often find that it comes to you naturally anyway.



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I always think the nicest people are the most beautiful. It’s actually very difficult to forget a horrible personality in favour of what is deemed as a ‘beautiful’ face.


I do this a lot, but that is because I am a very open person and that has its pitfalls as well as its highlights. But this, in my experience, usually comes out on top. Unless you say it to a total cynic. And even then, you never know what actually makes someone happy deep down inside when on the outside they brush off a compliment and don’t seem to care. I always try to compliment people on a little thing I notice – the way they smile, or I just make a passing positive comment when we are together like ‘Thank you for that thing you did / said earlier, you’re so kind / lovely / friendly’. I honestly think some people are quite confused by this and think I’m taking the p*ss, and that’s fine. I mean everything I say, and when people give me positive feedback as well it really makes my day.



I will never forget a story Mummy once told me when she was doing the PR for ‘The Moo Man’. ‘The Moo Man’ is an incredibly moving film documentary about a family dairy farm which is struggling to survive due to falling milk prices and mass-production farming methods. Steve, the farmer, delivers milk locally and has done for years to the residents surrounding the farm – milk that is not treated with any chemicals or pasteurisation. This is called ‘raw milk’. Of course, the residents love the milk this way and there have never been any issues. Then Steve had a break-through moment – he got approval for a vending machine that dispenses the very same raw milk in Selfridges in London. Of course, the idea never got past the approval stage – the authorities were too ignorant and adamant that raw milk – natural, unchemically treated milk – was worse for you than that which is regularly treated with chemicals that are unknown to our bodies. Steve’s raw milk idea went against the status quo, so it was never allowed to run. Buying organic food is expensive, but we as consumers shouldn’t have to pay extortionate prices for the privilege of not being poisoned from the pesticides that are put on our food. I really believe the supermarkets HAVE to take responsibility here and be prepared to pay more for produce that IS made with organic methods. It will encourage all farmers to do the same, and then the cost of organic food will drop. Be open-minded. It’s healthier.

Quotes that Inspire You to Learn More About Plants – THEY KEEP YOU ALIVE


I have honestly taken this quote LITERALLY before. When you’re pissed off at the world, you know the best place to be? Surrounded by nature and, more specifically, plants. Even if you have no garden, limited space, and a low-lit flat (hello – me) then you can still find plants that will survive and make you feel happier every time you look at them. I have a complete obsession with Snake Plants, which I think are just the best plants ever because they are both oxygenating and indestructible. Read my articles about the best garden centre in East London and the best oxygenating plants for low-light houses here.


I agree, I just worry that it is quite difficult to get the attention of iPhone waving, trend-crazed people in order to teach them enough to care.


There is a film I really want to watch about this. It is called ‘Intelligent Trees’ and you can preview it here : http://www.treehugger.com/natural-sciences/trees-can-form-bonds-old-couple-and-look-after-each-other.html



This photo came with the caption : Turn your phone upside down. Life is about perspective.

Might be a but difficult if you’re on a computer so I’ll tell you – the flowers turn into women dancing! Beautiful and reminds me of Alice in Wonderland with all the flowers.



Quotes from People Who Really See the Bigger Picture


Someone posted this on Instagram and I had to save it. It’s such a positive funny message – and it’s true!!