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How do you like to be loved? Most people I ask this question of answer with two simple words: “With patience”. Patience. It’s such a rare commodity in today’s over-worked, over-stressed society. What does patience mean to you? To me, it means not being put off by my paranoia. It means not getting angry with me when I get frustrated I can’t do something. It means accepting my mistakes without judging me as a person.

When I was growing up there was, outside of my closest family, someone who did all of this – my Nana. Her name is Muriel Lewin and I won’t share her age with you here because she would be very angry with me. I remember particularly my homework – countless after-school hours spent with me and her kneeling on the floor at our small table in the living room in our little cottage, helping me with Maths equations and deciphering difficult words. Endless encouragement when I couldn’t do something – “Don’t worry darling you’ll get it. Let’s try again after dinner”.

I remember my entrance exams to my secondary school – a high-pressure public boarding school for an 11-year-old. Intimidating, confusing, I was overcome with a fervent desire to prove myself. A weekend spent away from home, away from my family with strange girls I didn’t know. And yet I knew in my heart it was where I belonged. I desperately wanted to get in. Tears of anxiety and helplessness that summer as we waited for the results – of the letter coming through the door telling me of my future. I remember so vividly my Nana pushing her warm forehead against my own as I sat in our summer holiday caravan and wept, saying in the strongest quietest voice I have ever heard, her conviction stays with me to this day “Don’t fret Fran, if it’s what you really really want, I just know you’ll get in. I just know it”.

And the letter came and I’d done it. I was in. But I never forgot that moment when my Nana shone like a beacon of reassurance and hope beside me in our little caravan, her forehead pressed reassuringly and firmly against my own. Alongside my sister and Mama, she has been my greatest cheerleader, sharing in my wins as avidly as if she was living it herself. The happiness in her voice on the phone, the complete curiosity in my life when I call her is something that brings a lump to my throat even now. And I haven’t called her yet to thank her for something. Something very special – her birthday present to me. These earrings, handmade by Eveline at Flamingo Jewellery.

As the years have passed it has become more and more difficult for us to speak. Sometimes it’s her hearing, sometimes it’s technical problems with the phone, sometimes I just don’t know what to say. My Mama chooses our birthday presents for her now since she can’t go shopping and tells her what she’s bought us. So I know that my Nana – my wonderful patient ever-interested Nana – would love that I have got quite a lot to tell her about her birthday present to me now. Because I was so taken by these earrings that I reached out to the designer and founder of Flamingo Jewellery, Eveline, and asked her 10 short questions. To my greatest joy, she replied with answers that made me want to learn more and more about this eclectic and uplifting jewellery brand and the woman behind it. This is for my Nana for her more precious-than-gold patience and for Eveline for bringing a smile to my face with her beautiful handmade in London jewellery. And for giving me so much to talk about with my Nana… Thank you to you both.

Q: When did you first start making jewellery?

Eveline: I remember making my first pair of earrings around this time two years ago. I was inspired by some Australian jewellery makers that use polymer clay as their medium. So I decided to have a go! I’m so happy I did!

Q: What is your biggest creative inspiration?

Eveline: My biggest creative inspiration is my daughter. She is only 11 but loves art and always shows me her paintings.

Q: What would your ideal superpower be?

Eveline: Ideal superpower would be curing people’s mental health! As a psychologist, that will always be my dream and thing to aim to.

Q: Favourite city?

Eveline: My favourite city is London! Such an inspirational place that always offers something new!

Q: If you could go anywhere right now, where would it be?

Eveline: I really miss the seaside and the beaches on the south coast of England. Normally at this of year, me and my daughter would spend weekends there.

Q: Happiest when?

Eveline: I’m the happiest when I can create.

Q: Favourite food?

Eveline: I love fish and chips! Will never get bored of it!

Q: Puppies or kittens?

Eveline: None of them. I have a cute chinchilla boy called Rasin.

Q: What is your favourite season?

Eveline: Favourite season for me will always be end of Spring. It’s when I get my flowers for my resin jewellery, it’s also time to create new pieces for the seaside collection. And being able to spend more time outside makes life so much better!

Q: And finally, what would you desert island item be?

Eveline: Desert island item would be a notebook with a pen to write down all of my memories.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about the wonderful Eveline from Flamingo Jewellery! If, like me, you are in love with her jewellery and would like to treat yourself to some, please use code Molly30 at checkout for a 30% discount! You can shop all of her pieces here!

Stay safe.

In Love&Light, MM XOXOX

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