Live Action from London Fashion Week: THE Eco-Luxury Catwalk Show To Grab Front Row Seats

My feet were aching in my high heels and I was feeling a little giddy from the third fourth glass of champagne I’d tippled earlier that afternoon as I sat at the gilded tables of Beach Blanket Babylon in Notting Hill and waited for the show to start… but I was about to forget all of that.

Upstairs, the models were getting ready in a hush of excitement behind their elaborate mirrored wall and I was reminded of the children’s novel The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, where the characters find an otherworldly wonderland waiting for them on the other side of the door…

As the lights dimmed, I sat forward eagerly in my seat and bathed in the strains of eerily beautiful Celtic music that began to pour from the speakers. I kept my attention on the mirrors and waited, trying not to get distracted – this is Ethical Girl London’s first fashion show after all – and I wanted to capture every moment of it. Aha! Here they are…

Jeff Garner – the man behind the splendor and the genius behind sustainable fashion brand Prophetik – had been inspired by historic regal figures such as Mary, Queen of Scots, for this – his 2019 catwalk show. Using traditional Scottish weaving techniques, he crafted his gowns and gentleman’s couture from plant-based textiles and dyes:

“Prophetik’s mission is to enlighten consumers as to the harmful effects of synthetic fabrics and petro-chemical dyes in everyday garments and to provide a beautiful solution and a purposed vision of awareness”.

The effect was magical – a storm of rich reds, gleaming creams and azure blues mixed with 16th-century charm.

Intricate brocades, tartan and gleaming jewels studded Prophetik’s pieces and Jeff Garner’s choice of models gave a modern twist to the collection. The weaving and textile mills Garner collaborated with are some of the oldest companies in the world for these types of textiles: craft lace from MYB Textiles in Ayreshire (since 1900), Kirkcaldy Linens (since 1825), Knockando Woollen Mill in Spey Valley (since 1790!), and Locharron of Scotland (since 1892), which is the world’s leading manufacturer of Scottish tartan.

Headpieces laced with gold and stunning necklaces adorned the ladies…

…whilst gentlemen in diamond-woven waistcoats and brocaded jackets graced the runway.

A flash of neckline, a low-cut back, a ruff at the throat – these were the tantalising parades on display as the gowns flowed past.

And here they all are together:

I apologise for the somewhat shaky nature of this video – I’m still getting the hang of this! If you would like a little snippet of Jeff Garner’s sustainable dying techniques, here is a video of him mixing up his potions in his kitchen at home! Enjoy.

In Love&Light, FS XOX

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