‘Magic’ London: Ideas for An Esoteric Reawakening This Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and I’ve been doing a little research into some of the events and shops around London bespeaking of ancient belief, witchcraft and paganism to get you in the mood. First off, I discovered a new series on YouTube called ‘Pagan London’, which explores some of the oldest sacred sites and worship rituals hidden in the capital’s past. It’s fascinating and has given me loads of ideas of places I can visit myself, such as Shepperton Henge (3600-2300 BC!) – the capital’s very own Stone Henge dating to over 500 years older than it’s Glastonbury cousin – as well as the most famous pagan temple in London, the London Mithraeum, which I had no idea existed!

Here are a couple of episodes of this new series below:

I have also been following the wonderful workings of A Curious Invitation and London Month of the Dead, where you can find up to date information on events that go on beneath the city’s crust to discuss and celebrate some of the stranger workings in London’s history.

I highly recommend a visit to The Last Tuesday Society to marvel at this museum of dusty yet decadent wonders… with a scorpion (cock)tail on the side to match! I wrote about it here.

Finally, if you’d like to wander the glittering aisles of London’s bookstores as purveyors of magical goods yourselves or attend a reading, talk or event, you can find help at:

Treadwell’s Bookshop 

The Astrology Shop


Stepping Stones of Greenwich

In Love&Light FS XOX

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