Are These The Strangest Advertising Campaigns Ever Made?

I really feel that this should go under the heading “UNethical Girl London”, but as I don’t have one of those yet it’s going here instead. This is how not to advertise – with blatant misuses of ‘facts’, science and data, plus some things that were clearly either dangerous or complete lies. Welcome to the bizarre world of the strangest advertising campaigns ever made.

They had some interesting ideas about cigarettes…

And about what constituted a ‘nice’ Christmas present…

I’ll tell you one thing – if someone gave me a packet of cigarettes, a pair of scales and a gun for Christmas I would really get the message of how much they liked me.

This was at a time when Coca-Cola (with its synthetic additives and crazily high sugar content…) was considered good for you and your children:

And laxatives were to be taken like sweets on a daily basis,

And even as a cure for depression:

Chemicals that are now banned and knowingly dangerous were used in day-to-day life, personal care and cleaning products…

There was also that belief that makes your skin crawl today that homosexuality could be ‘cured’:

And all types of sex drive could be modified chemically with medication, electric devices or holistic ‘massages’. One wonders how little people prescribing these ‘tonics’ really knew about or even believed in their efficacy:

The adverts for those prescribing ‘lower body massages’ are just hilarious – no wonder they made women feel better!

There also seems to be some confusion around what was considered a ‘fun game’,

And around parenthood/adult life in general:

I can’t say these are the most optimistic outlooks on marriage…

Feminism wasn’t exactly encouraged…

And what appeared at first glance to be encouraging healthy attitudes towards body weight, in fact, was just feeding the same insecurities, inequalities and delusions about self-image that have always been advertised to women in order to make them conform to the patriarchy’s ‘ideal’ body type for their age:

Don’t be too fat!

Don’t be too thin!

How boring.

After reading all of this, it’s a wonder any of us are here at all! Thank you to those of my relatives who didn’t listen to these ridiculous adverts, or if they did – lived to tell the tale!

In Love&Light.. FS XOX

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