12. Times Eccentricity Trumped Convention

New York, 1969

A rebellious school girl…

“This might look odd, but you would be surprised if you have an open heart, you can relate to more than you might think. And older people can be very wise and actually have cool stories that rock…”. Found on Buzzfeed.

“Before it was cool – skateboarding in central park”, 1965 – Found on Imgur

Black sheep, quite literally.

“Defense is a snooze”. Found on the Wire Tap.

Who needs public transport when you can have a zebra carriage?

Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild (1868-1937), founder of the Natural History Museum at Tring

Slovakia, 1966

Saddle-back ride…

Tea Party for two… plus felines

A pocket chum

Vintage veterinary run, 1936

Don’t worry about receiving some disgruntled looks…

Sharing isn’t always easy…

It can be a tight squeeze,

You’re never too old…

To start afresh…

To inspire yourself…

(Checking out a book at the walking library in London, 1930.)

To inspire others,

And to fall in love.

Happy Friday my darlings XOX

In Love&Light FS XOX

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