Top 7. Ethical Jewellery Designers Who Make Me Feel Closer To Nature

Who Make Me Feel Closer To Nature 

1. Arborea Jewellery

Boho single statement earring // £45.00

I first found Arborea Jewellery on Wearth London (these guys also made my Top 9. Ethical Boutiques to shop in). I began to do a little more research into the brand and fell in love with its grounding in nature, the story, the concept, the ethics… I would love to meet Christy one day.

  • Handmade by Christy in Devon, who also has a full-time job in conservation, but making her nature-inspired jewellery is driven by passion
  • Perfect for: birthstones & birth flowers, reclaimed stones & recycled silver 
  • Vegan
  • All jewellery is made from 100% recycled silver
  • Uses reclaimed stones or those from mines that have signed up to the re-naturalising clause and the UN’s KimberlyProcess (non-conflict stone)
  • Renewable energy power for the tools to make Christy’s jewellery
  • All packaging is made from recycled materials
  • Delicate, deeply sensual jewellery. Made with Nature in mind

Some favourite picks:

To shop the full collection of Birthstones & Flowers as well as the full Arborea Jewellery range, please click here… 


Little Hurricane Co. 

Image credit: @mama_got_style

Whenever I look at this jewellery I find myself smiling. It is as though a little piece of nature and a sprinkle of stardust have been encased in a ring – a wearable wonderland that you can take with you everywhere.

  • Handmade by Liat from her home studio in Melbourne, Australia
  • Perfect for: Eco resin & concrete jewellery, fruit, flowers & natural found objects 
  • Uses real moss, flowers, ferns, and gold leaf
  • ‘A little bit of nature preserved forever’
  • Your very own jewellery wonderland

Little Hurricane Co. uses Eco resin that has been certified by the USDA as a bio-based product. This means the resin is made using bio-derived materials, such as pine oils, which have come from the waste-streams of other manufacturing products.

To shop the full collection, please click here… 

3. RAW Copenhagen 

Orbit of the Sun Necklace // £59.00

RAW Copenhagen is a subtle and starry Scandinavian brand with an emphasis on chic, simple jewellery that upholds the strongest sourcing ethics. Minimalist and fuss-free.

  • Founded and designed by Karina Johnson, who has a background in human rights and sustainability
  • Perfect for: Scandinavian simplicity, inspired by space, the sea and the Danish beaches 
  • Ethically-sourced gemstones, gilded silver
  • Works with silversmith artisans to make her pieces
  • 10 % of the annual profit is donated to the indigenous silversmith communities in Thailand where Karina sources her handmade beads and some of the charms: “The funds are used to sponsor scholarships, school dinners, water and sanitation projects.”

A few of my favourites…

P.S. –> With some of the pieces you can request the gemstone of your choice – such as the Elements of the Sky Necklace shown above. Just send an email with your order for the stone you’d like! To pick you gemstone and more please click here.


4. Smoke & Ash 

Dreamcatcher Earrings // £45.00

I am a sucker for England-based jewellery brands and favour recycled silver wherever I can find it (to read more about why recycled silver is almost always more preferable to mined silver, please click here). I really love how founder and maker Sarah Adams approaches her brand:

To shop the Ocean Inspired and Classic Collection, please click here… 

5. Jewellery by Juna 

Sterling silver stacking rings ‘JUNA’ – The full stack // £100.00

I had the pleasure of meeting Raddy Junova, the owner and make of Jewellery by Juna herself when I stepped inside The Fair Shop in Brighton for their summer gathering… and I left with a ring! I promised myself I could only buy one and I managed to stick to it..just. But anyone who was at that party will probably never forget how long it took me to decide!!!

Raddy holds Jewellery by Juna to the highest standards when it comes to sourcing socially and environmentally responsible materials for her brand. These stunning Sterling silver stacking rings, for example, are made from recycled silver and eco-friendly resin with a ceramic composite overlay (the same stuff dentists use to fill your teeth!), which is then handpainted.

  • Recycled and fair-mined metals
  • Perfect for: Stylish, fun, sustainable. Eco-friendly resin, responsibly sourced gems and recycled silver 
  • Handcrafted by Raddy in her studio the North Laine, Brighton, East Sussex
  • All jewellery comes in a recycled paper or silver jewellery box which is unbranded so you can use it again and again
  • Raddy sources many of her gemstones from – an established resource for gemstones that only source from companies who uphold socially and environmentally responsible mining practices

Some favourites…

To shop the full collection, please click here… 

6. Thornhill Jewellery

Thornhill’s Tree of Life // £100.00

I first came across Thornhill Jewellery years ago in Old Spitalfields Market in London whilst on a treasure hunt. I’ll never forget the sight of Ady with his enthusiasm and wild hair in front of a stall piled high with coins, spoons and pendants crafted into the most beautiful pieces of jewellery – his copper, silver and gold treasure chest from years and years of collecting! Look for the years that mean something to you and see what design they have chosen to put on it, perfect for anniversaries or birthdays. They also do custom so you can choose your year and design!

  • All handmade in Thornhill’s studio in Hertfordshire
  • Pendants, rings, bracelets, pendants and much more made from upcycled or recycled coins and cutlery
  • Their motto is ‘The Home Of Conscious Jewellery’ due to their firm belief in recycling and reusing old materials to create their jewellery
  • Perfect for: old coins, unusual vintage cutlery & one-of-a-kind pieces 
  • All pendants come with a recycled, black wax cord and in a box made from recycled materials
  • No laser cutting is used – everything is handcrafted
  • Lots of jewellery courses offered for customers who would like to do it themselves, including the Wedding Ring Workshops – learn how to create your own ring or piece of your choice! Such an amazing idea for couples looking for green, self-made alternatives…

To shop the full array of Thornhill Jewellery workshops and wondrous oddities, please click here… 

7. FrillyByLily

Take Flight Feather Rings // From £78.00 

So FrillyByLily has been on my radar ever since I spotted her Take Flight Silver Feather Ring made from 50% recycled silver. I felt an extra affiliation with her because she is London-based like me, with her studio just down the road from my first home in Hackney.

  • All gold is Fairtrade
  • Jewellery is made using 50% recycled metals on average
  • 100% recycled gold and silver can be used upon request
  • Handcrafted in London and Birmingham, keeping carbon footprint to a minimum
  • Perfect for: sculpted gemstones, flashing perspex, and recycled precious metals 
  • The brand’s founder, Lily, ‘developed her passion for collecting and reworking discarded vintage and costume jewellery into modern wearable items’. It is from this passion that FrillyByLily was born – it really shows!

P.s. –> All the perspex items in the BOB Collection and the Gold and Silver Perspex Necklaces comes complete with five different light reflective perspex colour options; red, orange, yellow, green and blue. Click here to match your colours to your outfit!

Bonus item!

Seville Segment Pendant in Gold // £70.00

My favourite necklace by Little by Little Jewellery. A London- and Peru-based jewellery brand I’ve been following for a while now, this necklace is 24-carat gold plated onto 925 sterling silver. Handmade ethically in Peru and using partially recycled silver, this jewellery brand ticks all my boxes. They also donate a % of each sale to Action Against Hunger charity.

  • Use local Peruvian silver, some of which is recycled, to create their collections
  • Perfect for: Transparent social and environmental ethics, jewellery business that gives back 
  • Aim to support local miners and communities, whilst reducing our environmental impact
  • Packaging made in the UK from 100% recycled materials
  • Donate a % of each sale to their charitable partner Action Against Hunger

And because I just can’t resist… here are a few of my other Little by Little favourites!

In Love&Light FS XOX













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