10. Titbits To Brighten Your Monday, Vol. 2!

1.      found via Under Protection

2. It’s important to acknowledge your goals and achievements. Found via Goldsheep Clothing 

3. In the words of Emma Watson, ‘The power is with the consumer’ – found via Good On You

4. Ohhhh yes @Goldsheep Clothing

5. I pray they do my love – found via Thrive Store

6, Real talk. Found on Pinterest.

7, It’s good to have aspirations… Found on Pinterest.

8, “Become free by overcoming your fears”. Pinned.

9, When it all goes wrong… Plan B! Pinned from here.

10, Have you ever felt this? Found via HealthyPlace.com

I hope you have a great week!

In Love&Light FS XOX


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