10. Titbits To Brighten Your Monday, Vol. 1!

1, Best Actress Oscar award-winner x2, Frances McDormand

Found on Risa Bramon Garcia

2, ‘The ripple effect’ Ethically Engaged.

3, Yes. UpliftConnect

4, ‘What, like it’s hard?’ – League of Extraordinary Women

5,      Dancing Blossom Studio

6, Canadian Fashion Designer Eliza Faulkner SS19 Collection – Designed in Montreal, ethically made in cities across Canada. Found via @elizafaulkner

7, Tada! Found via UpliftConnect.

8, Anything by Third Eye Pinecones. Found via their Instagram

9, Conscious clothing t-shirt by @Motivatee for their #makeanxietybeautiful campaign – £29.99


10, Steaming up the backseat by Michael Silver. Found on Pinterest.

See you all next week!

Blessings! xoxo

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