Ethical Girl London’s New Business Cards Are 100% Tree-Free!

These Business Cards Are Made From 100% Recycled Cotton! 

Tree-Free Paper From Old T-Shirts – Available here

My mother and sister were kind enough to design and order these gorgeous 100% recycled cotton business cards from Moo for my birthday. They are simply beautiful – square-cut, uncoated and 292 gsm. Did you know that the very best paper has been made from cotton for centuries? Now, Moo have decided to utilise the waste fabric from the fashion industry’s countless t-shirt productions and use them to make business cards.

Each pack comes with a set of customised stickers which mimic the front and back of your cards. So you can stick them on fellow guests or potential clients’ notepads at any events you attend!

Moo include a pretty recycled cotton card holder as well so you can carry them around safely in your pocket.

To order your 100% tree-free business cards, click here or go to

Ps. This gorgeous cake was made by my mother, who crystallised real primroses from our local woods to adorn the top. It’s a beautifully unique (and edible!) idea which cuts out the one-time waste involved in using plastic or sugar ones. Plus you get to go botanicals-hunting which is always rather lovely! To find out more ideas on crystallising seasonal flowers, have a little look at these guides below.

River Cottage

Maddocks Farm Organics 

Eat My Flowers

Meadowsweet Flowers

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