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Like Mary

Photo (c) likemary

Available here

They were the first ever ethical fashion brand to follow me on social media, I own two of their dresses (once three, but one got stolen), and they are based in my old stomping ground of almost 8 years – Brick Lane in Shoreditch – so whenever I see likemary pictures come up on their Instagram feed I feel as though I am supporting a kindred spirit. I have been coveting one of their blanket scarves and a few of their dresses for ages…

Picked for: Fairtrade, natural fabrics. All knitted accessories are handmade from handspun wool by ladies in the Himalayas. Many likemary clothes are made from excess fabric. This means they can never be mass-produced, and every item is special and unique.

Perfect for: Blanket scarves that will make you want to run out and buy one now, & the best dresses that are my wardrobe go-to choices for wearability, especially in Summer. Also good for – Men’s & Children’s Fashion, Homeware & Gifts.


Eden Perfumes

Just Jasmine – Eden Perfumes – £18

The first ethical perfume I ever purchased was from Eden Perfumes, who are based in Brighton, in the south of England. Every fragrance is handcrafted in the UK and made from vegan essential oils. They also have the most clever & user-friendly perfume finder tool on their website where you can actually type in the name of your favourite designer perfume, e.g. Tom Ford, and it will match the scent to one of their perfumes, i.e. you can purchase the ethically-made alternative of your favourite perfume. This is exactly what I did – I now own Lima, Basil & Mandarina, which is Unisex. It is the freshest scent. It was also £40 cheaper than the original designer perfume…

Picked for: Ethical production, UK origins, and the handiest (smartest) online perfume match tool I’ve ever seen.

Perfect for: Those in search of an environmentally-friendly, vegan perfume. Both Men and Women alike. Many scents are unisex and they also offer aftershave.


PHB Ethical Beauty

I am, quite frankly, obsessed with PHB Ethical Beauty and their various lip glosses, lip sticks, foundations, moisturisers, lip crayons, and eye shadows. The picture above is only the first lot of my PHB Ethical Beauty cosmetics horde. There was more on Valentine’s Day, which I posted about it here! Their cosmetics and skincare range are made with organic ingredients, they are certified vegan & cruelty-free. I also love that it is a family-run business with 15% of all profis donated to charity. I currently love: the Camellia Lip Gloss and the Botanicals BB Cream in Porcelain.

Picked for: its commitment to cruelty-free cosmetics and its charitable support

Perfect for: Anyone who actually wants to pronounce the ingredients they are putting on their skin and feel safe in their make up. They also do a Men’s skincare range.



The Malibu Dress in Augusta – $248

I am not joking when I say that I have very rarely seen this many beautiful clothes all in one place, particularly dresses and jeans. When I can afford some, this is where I will go. Reformation often use end of line fabric that are unused by another factory. They then repurpose it, cutting out the energy and resources needed to produce a whole new fabric. For the ones that are made ‘new’, Reformation have another environmentally-friendly process in store – they determinedly track the carbon dioxide, water & waste that is created by making each garment, and then they publish that data on their for all to see. This gives an idea of the difference environmentally-conscious practices can make in the fashion industry compared with companies who do not monitor this data. Their designs are also, quite simply, stunning.

Picked for: Their beautiful fabrics and designs, the fact they recycle end-of-line fabrics, and their environmental impact tracking.

Perfect for:  Sexy, vintage & forever chic look for every occasion. They also do a Wedding range and Accessories.



This is my Desert Island skincare product. I’ve been using Botanicals Organic Skincare for over 7 years now & their Nourish Night Balm in Rose & Camellia has never let me down. It’s helped me: ✔reduce the appearance of scars on my face ✔take the heat out of spots and sore bits ✔treat burns ✔and heal cuts. I don’t go anywhere without it. Apply and leave it on overnight to feel the best effects.

I’ve written a full review of Botanicals products and all the different uses I’ve found they can be put to here: Spotlight on: Botanicals Organic Skincare – Why This Is The Best Beauty Decision I’ve Ever Made

Picked for: Its sheer versatility, and the fact it is the best skincare range I have ever used. It is handmade in England with certified organic ingredients from the Soil Association, and it has helped me immeasurably in all sorts of situations!

Perfect for: Anyone with: problem skin, dry skin, acne, itchy skin or sores.


Beyond Retro, Atika & Rokit

Photo (c) Beyond Retro via @monamali_

I have placed my three favourite Vintage brands – Blitz, Rokit & Beyond Retro – all together because I love them equally, and their stores are also located in the same part of town I lived for many years, so they became the most regular stores I visited. I have loved watching their evolution into the world of sustainable fashion. Each store has expanded and now offers its own reworked vintage clothing line – old pieces made new in London. The above photo credit goes to @monamali_ via Beyond Retro’s Instagram.

Blitz Remix – Available at Blitz & Topshop

Beyond Retro The Label – Available online and in store

Rokit Recycled – Available online and in store

Picked for: Their approach to throwaway fashion – which is that everything can be recycled, up-cycled or sold on

Perfect for: Vintage fashion hunters & anyone who would rather not pay retail – I have often heard it said that there are enough clothes in the world!



Okay, so I know that this is a picture of a horse. But this is how Oway hair products make me feel. These nourishing hair products are made with all natural, biodynamic ingredients grown on a family farm in Bologna, Italy.

I can personally recommend these two products, Glossy Nectar Spray and No-Rinse Moisturising Conditioner, but there are a whole host of others I’d like to try.

Picked for: How good they are. After three weeks of using the No-Rinse Moisturising Conditioner I can honestly say that my hair feels stronger, more elastic, and thicker. I think this is because I am having to pull much less out when I brush. It is generally healthier.

Perfect for: Anyone with hair?! But particularly for anyone with dyed or long hair that they find dries out and snaps if its brittle. They also do hair masks that look divine.

Incidentally, I first learned about Oway at…


Natural Colour Works

I’ve been coming to this salon for three years now and anyone who knows me knows that my hair means A LOT to me, even if I move I’m still coming back here! Natural Colour Works specialises in using organic, H20 and Soya based products to care for, groom and colour your hair – I’ve had my own highlights and cuts done here and I can honestly say that it is affordable, even for a student like me.

Natural Colour Works can be found at:

46 Berwick Street, London


Will’s Vegan Shoes & Accessories

Aviators in Dark Brown – £93

Have you ever seen such a perfect boot?! The uppers and linings of many Will’s boots are made from an innovative, new eco-friendly material. It is created with organic cereal crops grown in northern Europe, which are then turned into bio oil. The bio oil is used to create the soft, water-resistant and breathable materials Will’s use in selected pieces of their shoes and accessories. Check the product descriptions of each item to see which it applies to. I wrote about all of my favourite picks here, and you can shop my choices.

Picked for: Their designs & their ethics. All Will’s Vegan Shoes & Accessories are made in Portugal and are suitable to be worn by either vegans or vegetarians, dependent on the item.

Perfect for: Anyone who wants comfortable yet stylish shoes that are made with their environmental & social impact in mind.


Swedish Stockings

Photo (c) @lovebykim via Swedish Stockings

I haven’t yet found any other stockings company who are as transparent about their production practices as Swedish Stockings. Not only do I love their designs, they also: ✔Produce stockings using recycled yarn ✔Use solar energy to power their production practices ✔Colour their stockings with environmentally-friendly dyes. ✔They also offer a Recycling Service so that you can send in 3 pairs of ripped stockings and they’ll send you a 10% discount code for their site!

@lovebykim here wears the Astrid Fishnet – £23

Picked for: Their sensual designs & their eco-friendly production practices.

Perfect for: Those who want to buy stockings from a brand who believe in a circular fashion economy! Hands up!



Available here

Wishful thinking, I hear you wonder? Well, I’ve posted enough of these rings on my Instagram for everyone to be in no doubt about which fine jewellery company I love the most. Capucinne are based in Slovenia & all of their jewellery is handmade there as well. Their diamonds and other fine jewels are all from conflict-free sources and their designs are inspired by Nature. “We are fascinated by the Nature around us and try to search for beauty everywhere. The moon, the stars, the trees … they all give us nature’s perfect design to replicate”. The only thing that would make Capucinne even more seductive is if they began to use recycled metal in their designs – thankfully, so many of their designs are custom made that I’m hoping certain lucky girls can request this…

Picked for:  Their commitment to conflict-free sources and the sheer beauty of their delicate designs, inspired by Nature.

Perfect for: Anyone who prefers delicate ethical fine jewellery rather than some of the chunkier sets I have seen


Parks London

I have one burning on my desk right now. Parks are a family-run business, with all their products hand made in England using 100% natural wax & pure essential oils.

Picked for: Their divine scent

Perfect for: Relaxing deeply


Matt & Nat

HAPAK SM in Sand – £145

Available here

As old as this is going to make me sound, I remember when Matt & Nat were the only ostensibly ethical manufacturer of bags that I could find on the market. Then they had a few designs – I remember a certain tote that I lusted after very well – now, their range is so broad and so popular that my Bowling Bag in Chilli that was on my Wish List last year completely sold out. So I’ve picked the Weekender bag – Hapak SM in Sand – as my feature image this time.

Picked for: Their reputation as an environmentally-friendly accessories designer who are making as much of their products as possible from recycled cork, nylon, plastic bottles, and even bicycle tyres. All designed in Canada and produced in China in small factories that they have long-standing relationships with, ensuring transparency at each part of the supply chain.

Perfect for: Lovers of clean-cut designs and statement pieces. Matt & Nat have expanded to include bags for men in all styles, wallets, yoga bags, purses & shoes.



Both available here

Here’s the thing about Armedangels. Their designs are fresh, light, and I get the feeling they don’t take themselves too seriously. This Zonja Rice & Confetti Blouse is made of Tencel, a natural and extremely sustainable fibre, made out of wood (cellulose). It ‘feels like silk, cools like linen and warms like wool’. They are based in Cologne, Germany.

Picked for: Its use of environmentally-friendly fibres & its chic yet relaxed, comfortable designs

Perfect for: Good necklines and button-down shirts.


Frilly by Lily

Photo (c) @littlelikelylads via Frilly by Lily

Available here

The London-based sustainable jewellery brand that I have followed with the most interest ever since I included them on my first sustainable fashion & jewellery wish list almost three years ago. Frilly by Lily’s Feather Ring in Gold, Silver or Rose Gold is the piece I love the most. It is:

  • Made in the UK
  • Made using metals that are 50% recycled as standard

All Frilly by Lily jewellery is made in small batches in London.

This gorgeous photo is credited to @littelikelylads, who also wrote about it here.


Under Protection

Ethical underwear that is sexy, well-made, and affordable. Designed in Copenhagen, Denmark, and handmade in a small factory in New Delhi, India. Under Protection also make use of the most innovative sustainable fibres, including:

  • Milk fibre textile as a silk alternative – made from protein extracted from milk, an off-shoot of the dairy industry
  • Recycled wool and polyester
  • Organic cotton and lyocell plant-based materials

Picked for: Their stunning designs & innovative production practices

Perfect for: Ethically made loungewear, sleepwear, lingerie & accessories

These guys also made my Top 5. List for Ethical Luxury Lingerie Brands, which you can find here.


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