Top 9. Ethical Fashion & Homeware Boutiques

Photo (c) My Fair Shop

My Favourite Ethical Fashion, Beauty & Homeware Boutiques

1. My Fair Shop

This Danish ethical boutique offers everything from organic wash cloths and yoga mats, to vegan nail varnish, ethical fashion and workout wear. They also have an enviable talent for creating collages showcasing all of their gorgeous products over on their Instagram page.

Perfect for: yoga lovers, eco-friendly home goods, beauty, health, and discovering ethical fashion brands you might not know about.

2. Thought 

Ditsy Floral Bamboo Socks – £6.95

Thought are a London-based brand who stock organic, hemp & bamboo clothing and accessories from around the world. These guys are amazing for so many things – I’m in love with their organic, hemp or bamboo coats and skirts – but for some reason it’s their socks that I’m so obsessed with?! It’s taken me ages to find quirky, patterned and, most importantly, ethically-made socks that I like and Thought stock a number of pairs that I love!

Perfect for: organic, hemp or bamboo Mens and Women’s Fashion, and sustainable socks! They have an entire section dedicated to them!

3. Fashion Conscience

Fashion Conscience have their pretty store in leafy Dulwich in south-east London. They were one of the first ever ethical clothing & accessories boutiques I heard about when I became interested in ethical fashion 6 years ago. Now they stock an impressive array of beautiful brands, jewellery, accessories and homeware.

Perfect for: Visiting, if you stop off in London! Gifts – check out theirs. gift lists for different price range. They also have an interesting Trends section.

4. People Tree

There’s no way I could write about my favourite ethical fashion stores and not include People Tree. I’ll never forget the day I received a copy of Naked Fashion and it had been signed by Safia Minney – the result of a spontaneous and very impromptu visit by a loved one whereby he simply turned up at People Tree’s offices, which used to be right round the corner from where we lived on Brick Lane, and asked her lovely assistant straight out if she would ask Safia to sign it – she did and I’ve cherished it ever since!

Perfect for: Tencel and organic cotton fair trade women’s clothing – including sleepwear and essentials. Their handmade, fair trade jewellery is also to die for.

5. Mayamiko

Mayamiko have been on my radar for ages. Their bold, bright & beautiful designs are cut to make an impression – I love clothes that encourage people to ask questions about them, because then you get to tell someone who might not know about these artisan brands why some of them are so great and should be the forefront of our minds when making shopping choices. Many of their clothes, accessories and homeware are ethically made using organic cotton in Malawi by a team of tailors, pattern cutters and seamstresses. The designs are inspired by African artisanal traditions and prints. 

Perfect for: Dipping in to an artisan emporium. Mayamiko are growing to include artisan products from all over the world, such as embroidery from Sri Lanka, handloom from Myanmar, reclaimed jewellery from Laos and upcycled silk from Italy. I really love their hair scrunchies

6. Ethica

Probably up at the top of my price range, but one of those finds you’re pleased to have come across because the designers are carefully selected and the clothes are stunning, with interesting stories as to how such luxury came to be ethical. The bralette and skirt above for example are made from vintage Chinese brocade acquired in NYC by Dolores Haze.

Perfect for: Chic, luxury eco-fashion products.

7. New Classics

Another one of those where you think ‘how is it even possible to look that chic’?! Canadian ethical e-boutique New Classics are very clear about their goals in sustainability – you can read all about them here. They also have a gorgeous array of designer goods, including these Rafa Convertible Midi Boots and Oversized Button Back Collared Shirt by Suzanne Rae.

Perfect for: Chic, clean-cut women’s fashion with a twist. They also stock perfume, lingerie, shoes, and their About page is a great place to learn about the social and environmental impact of the fashion industry.

8. Wearth London

Unique among my favourite eco-boutiques, Wearth London are the only store I picked to offer furniture, as well as homeware, beauty, jewellery and gifts. Their store is so carefully curated, it is a joy to peruse and shop on. I could wile away a lot of time on here! They feature independent makers & sellers, most of whom are based in the UK, an aspect that is really important to me.

Picked for: the passion behind the products, like Arborea Jewellery featured in these pictures, who is based in Devon – A conservationist creating eco friendly jewellery to celebrate British wildlife”. Many of Christie’s items are made from recycled silver & you can shop by birthstone and birth flower

KEWEKO SKINCARE Cleanse & Tone Skin Set

9. The Third Estate

I would wear almost everything on The Third Estate. It’s like they read my mind or something. They stock some of my favourite ethical fashion brands, including Armed Angels, Matt & Nat, and Will’s Vegan Shoes & Accessories. These are some of my ‘ride or die’ brands for their wearability and aesthetic beauty and it’s nice to see some of them in the same place! They also made my Top. 16 Ethical Fashion & Beauty Brands which you can read here.

Perfect for: Everything. Okay, so not everything in the world – but Men’s & Women’s Accessories, Clothing, & Footwear.


In Love&Light, EGL XOXO

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