Do you love traditional British folk music and want to help save the bees?

This beautiful mosaic floor tile is Manchester Town Hall. The bee has been an important symbol of the city of Manchester ever since 1842, when it was included on the coat of arms presented to the city. The city symbol is thought to have derived from the ‘hive’ of activity that industry workers in the textile mills represented from working so hard in tough conditions, and the bee can also be found on the clock face of the Palace Hotel. Today, urban bee-keeping can be found on the roof of events space The Printworks in Manchester, which produces local honey. I learnt all this and found the image through the Instagram page @beeloveglobal🐝🌻✨ They have so many interesting and beautiful posts about bees, as well as scrumptious recipes for food and cocktails that you can make with honey! 🐝✨🌻 I’ve been trying to learn a lot more about bees since their decline has become so prominent, and so concerning. Everyone learns and helps in their own way. If you would like to approach helping or raising awareness about the plight of native bees from a musical perspective, please visit Songhive which is a project run by my friend Rowan Piggott who is approaching bee conservation through folk music. 💛🐝✨ You can see Rowan’s upcoming gigs here.

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