Will’s Vegan Shoes : Why I Love Them

Top Ethical Fashion Pick : Why I Love Them

So because I really, really love this company and their shoes, but haven’t quite had the chance to get my hands on a pair just yet, I made my own shopping list of the ones I thought you’d like. Click on any of the pictures and they’ll take you straight to the shop!

Dock Boots in Power Blue – £82 

I am in love with this colour and the comfort of the cushioned ankles and tongue. These are probably one of my first choices. They also come in Black, Tan, or Chestnut and I would wear… all of them.

Aviators Dark Brown – £93

Total obsession No.2. The Aviators in Dark Brown. Have you ever seen such a perfect boot?! All I see when I picture myself wearing these is a vintage shearling 1940s aviator jacket and a pair of actual aviator sunglasses… hair freshly highlighted with flattering blonde from Natural Colour Works in Soho… and a plane in the background behind me… Okay, so maybe I picture a little more than just the boot when I look at these. But still. #lowmaintenance


Paris Trainers I – £75 

I don’t know about you, but I find it really hard to find animal- and eco-friendly trainers that I like the look of. There are a couple of companies that I check regularly and Will’s is one of them. These trainers are stylish, chic and well-made, and they actually look as you could run around Paris in them and be fine, taking the city by storm. A difficult feat, but accomplishable in these. I’ll be taking them with me on my next trip!


Aviator 2’s Black – £100

Biker boots of the stars. The uppers and linings of these boots are made from an innovative, new eco-friendly material. It is created with organic cereal crops grown in northern Europe, which are then turned into bio oil. The bio oil is used to create the soft, water-resistant and breathable materials Will’s use in selected pieces of their shoes and accessories. Check the product descriptions of each item to see which it applies to.


Fold-Over Work Boots in Chestnut – £79

And finally, the Fold-Over Work Boots in Chestnut. Yes, they are for men, but they also come in a Size 6! So I will be wearing them too… One day soon!

All Will’s Vegan Shoes & Accessories are made ethically in Portugal and are suitable to be worn by either vegans or vegetarians, dependent on the item. You can read all about the founder’s ethical and animal-friendly approach to production practices here.

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