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Sustainable Food Envy: The Vegan Restaurant You Won’t Want To Leave

This scrumptious vegan restaurant serves you plant-based cheeses & Italian wines…

The absolute vegan feast above is Fed by Water, an Italian vegan restaurant near Dalston Kingsland in London. This is hands down some of the most scrumptious vegan food I have ever tasted. Many plant-based cheeses including ricotta and mozzarella adorn the menu, as well as charcoal-activated bread, premium Italian wines, purified still and sparkling water, and the most enticing mushroom tortellini (among other pasta and pizza dishes) that I have ever smelt. Also, you know how when you order a salad in most restaurants it comes out the size of a salad you would feed your rabbit? Well, not here. If you order the main, it comes in a bread basket and it is BIG. I ordered the smaller size and it was enough!

Fed by Water’s secret is using purified water to cook with in all of their dishes:

‘We use innovative active carbon filtration technologies to purify, not only the water we drink but also the water we use to prepare all our food. 

By removing all the impurities like limescale, chlorine, bacteria and other nasties while retaining the minerals and nutritional elements present in tap water we make our food taste better and you feel better.’ 

I didn’t know if it would actually make the food taste better, but I have to say having polished off everything in our vegan feast, practically picking each tiny piece of salad off the plate with my fingertips, I did feel good. I didn’t feel fat or stuffed or sluggish, I actually felt really buoyant (and no, this wasn’t due to the glass of wine I had with dinner… I’m not that much of a lightweight…yet). And I didn’t feel the desire to drink anything more than that single glass of red – I had the ORUS Negroamaro from Vinosia, Campania in Italy, a vineyard set up by two brothers, it was very scrummy but I savoured it rather than downing a bottle… I usually would! Have a little look at what we ordered below to get your tastebuds watering.

  • Ricottina Salatina Cheese – Home-made plant-based ricotta style soft cheese made with soya milk. 80 gr. serving

  • Garlic & Marble Bread – Homemade pizza bread baked with Italian garlic extra virgin olive oil & marble bread (mixed with activated charcoal powder)

  • Broccoli al Peperoncino – Lightly fried broccoli with garlic and chilli

  • Insalatona di Stagione – Fresh seasonal salad

  • Tagliatelle di Terra – Durum wheat tagliatelle pasta cooked with porcini mushroom sauce topped with shiitake mushrooms and a touch of Italian truffle extra virgin olive oil

To drink we had a glass of the red ORUS Negroamaro from Vinosia, Campania in Italy, and the Ace of Spades beer from the Wild Card Brewery!

It was scrumptious. I might be seeing you on my birthday, Fed!

Advance booking is recommended as these guys get very busy! 

Contact Fed by Water here. 

They also do loads of gluten-free options – just ask your lovely waiter – they were all so friendly and well-informed! A joy to meet them.


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