The Perfect Valentine’s Day

For Eco-Hair & Beauty Lovers – What To Buy If Your Loved One Is Organic Hair & Beauty Obsessed

I am very lucky to have found a boyfriend who understands (and encourages!) my organic ingredients obsession when it comes to hair and make-up products. I have been going to Natural Colour Works in Soho for over 3 years now and I am pretty enthusiastic about the products and colouring techniques they use. It was here that I discovered my favourite hair conditioning and styling brand Oway – this Italian-made hair care uses ingredients from a biodynamic farm in Bologna. I use the Glossy Nectar treatment and No-rinse Moisurising Conditioner and can’t recommend them enough.

Also here is the much-coveted PHB Ethical Beauty organic lipstick in Cranberry and the organic lipgloss in Camellia – I have lusted after both of these for so long and they’ve just brought out new colours too! I have loved PHB Ethical Beauty for years – they are a family-run business, use organic ingredients in their make-up and donate 20% of profits to the charity One Love Foundation. The One Love Foundation also supports Orbis, which treats preventable blindness, Sense, the Trailblazer Foundation, which promotes health, food, security and education in rural Cambodia, and the Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary. All of their products are also vegan, not tested on animals, and are made from all natural ingredients.

I have taken the plunge and decided to go back to being blonde… So I will see you soon Natural Colour Works for a Soya Colour Treatment – permanent, odourless, and ammonia free. And that’s another reason why I love them!

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to treat a loved one, you could purchase a calendar and research all of the things you would love to do together – and then write them in! That’s what I did and loved it 🙂

Check out my favourite hand-illustrated botanicals calendars by Serena Niesley available on Etsy – these beautiful calendars feature a different painting each month of a plant, flower or herb to look out that month, as well as where the moon is in its cycle, an interactive map and personal anecdotes from the artist. It was created to encourage a ‘re-connection and entry-way into re-learning nature’s rhythms’. The perfect Valentine’s gift for nature lovers.

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