Where To Buy Eco-Chic Denim For Every Occasion: Top 5. Sustainably Made Jeans

1. Mud Jeans

Available here 

  • Dutch sustainable fashion brand
  • Believe in: a circular economy
  • Use recycled jeans to make new ones
  • Up-cycle unique vintage pairs of jeans
  • Free repair service if your jeans get damaged
  • Receive €10 off your order if you return your old Mud Jeans to be made into another pair for someone else to enjoy


2. Hiut Denim

The Dina Skinny Fit – High Waist

  • Handmade in Cardigan, UK, on the western edge of Wales
  • Small factory with emphasis on quality
  • Believe in: Utilising local tradesmen skills and bringing back industry


3. Reformation

Hepburn High Skinny

Available here


4. Charity Shops of the Desired and Coveted 

The Olsen Twins – Thrifters Extraordinaire 

Available here


5. Atika, Rokit & Beyond Retro – London’s Best Online Vintage Stores 

Available here


In Love&Light, FS XOX

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