Inspiration for Indoor Gardens: How To Transform A Dark, Damp Space Into Interior Paradise


How To Transform A Dark, Damp Space Into Interior Paradise

I’ve just discovered these honestly incredible house plants that not only purify your air, but can also SURVIVE WITHOUT NATURAL LIGHT. I mean, seriously #naturewins.

Oh, and there’s some gorgeous interiors and indoor gardens in here as well to brighten up your day, just because.



This post was originally inspired by my Pinterest album Gardens, but there is really a backstory to my compendium of these beautifully green indoor spaces. I live in a ‘cosy’, but pretty damp basement flat in London with very little natural light. When I say ‘pretty damp’ what I mean is actually really damp. And there is mould. Not much can survive down here, although I sometimes wish that the amount of snails and various insects could be replaced by animals that would actually make that quite fun, like a little deer or a platypus.



P.S. This is not my home.

People often ask me why I live here. Truth be told, I think a lot of people face these same issues, especially if you live in a city like London, but then I made a discovery about some house plants that means that basically anyone can have an indoor garden that is just as beautiful as the ones in these pictures.


Thanks to Pinterest, it turns out that Nature’s bounties extend to providing us with indoor house plants that can actually a) fix the dampness in your flat, b) survive in the dark, and c) will actually purify your air as well, making it cleaner and healthier to breathe.

So if you have a damp and / or dark flat like mine then these three compilations below might really help you pick out the perfect plants for your living space – i.e. the ones that won’t die when any normal plant surely would. If you click on the picture list, it will take you straight to the website that created them to give you some more info on their chosen plant’s properties.

As I said, in many cases, these plants will actually LESSEN the damp in your home, clean up any nasty bacteria in the air, and survive it all with little or no sunlight to pretty up your home and make you happy every single day. Because plants are awesome.

Air-purifying plants


Shade-loving plants


Moisture-absorbing plants


Armed with the knowledge that having an indoor garden is now possible, I ventured out and bought my very first house plant that I am determined will not die – a Snake Plant, also known as ‘Mother’s Tongue’, ‘Saint George’s Sword’, and ‘Viper’s Bowstring Hemp’. Snake Plants are native to tropical West Africa and are very hardy. They love moisture, so they make it their raison d’être to absorb it through their leaves, thus helping the damp problem, if you have one in your flat. Recent NASA research has also shown that it is the perfect air-purifying plant, as it removes toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene from the air. Snake Plants also only need watering once every few weeks and are relatively cheap to buy – you can pick one up in Waitrose for £11.99. There is a great care guide for many houseplants on the website Gardening Know How, which I really recommend for all your houseplant needs. My Snake Plant #proudplantparent


With my first purchase made my dream indoor space seems kind of possible, even if paying my council tax bill doesn’t (the council tax man literally just paid me a visit as I was writing this article – #adultlife). Looking at my Pinterest list below makes me really happy, and I hope it does the same for you, no matter what your living space might look like now! #workinprogress














Those last three pictures were taken in Wildernis Cafe in Amsterdam, which looks like my perfect place to sip a coffee and zen-out among the plants. You can find out more about Wildernis here:

I’ll definitely be checking it out next time I’m over there!

For more Pinterest boards to follow for indoor garden inspiration,  I really recommend From Moon to Moon, where several of these pins were found.

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