This Eco-Fashion Model Holds The Key To The Most Beautiful Indoor Garden In New York


I’m so happy to have read this article by Modern Farmer on the prolific indoor garden of New York dweller Summer Rayne Oakes – writer, model, sustainable clothing- and health food-activist. Here is a sneak peak of Summer Rayne’s enviably green space and you can read more about it here!


Summer Rayne has over 500 plants in her Williamsburg apartment. These include edible fruit and vegetables, such as potatoes, figs, and even a pineapple plant, as well as herbs, trees, and non-light essential flowers.

inside 6

Every surface is covered – there are miniature greenhouses and plant pots made from recycled tea tins.

Summer Rayne waters them and tends to them herself – every day and at weekends.


psst! Many of these photos were taken by Aliza Eliazarov, who is an amazing Nature and food photographer. You can view many examples of her work at

Food for thought: Isn’t it telling that we crave greenery and Nature in our homes, gardens and parks because it makes us happy and increases our sense of well-being, and yet more than half of the world’s population now live in urban areas, very few with the kind of access to nature that Summer has created for herself here. Urbanisation continues to grow as does the world’s pollution levels and the illnesses caused by the many stresses of modern-day living. I think it’s time for a return to Nature and a halt of the concrete jungle.





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