These Are The Girls Who Really Blow my Mind

First Aid Kit 11

Here is a compendium of photos that show these beautiful girls at their most bohemian. First Aid Kit’s haunting, soulful music lifts me up when I’m walking around London. Check out their free-spirited style and eerily earthy music if you want to feel connected again.

First Aid Kit 10

Klara (brunette) and Johanna (blonde) Söderberg, of Swedish folk band First Aid Kit, have been playing and singing together as sisters and artists since 2007. These two girls are truly doing what they love, and you can hear it in every lilting lyric.

First Aid Kit 12

Their song words have such an intense truth to them. I can’t believe how strongly they resonate with me. These girls are the same age as me and my sister.

First Aid Kit 6

First Aid Kit 15

They take as inspiration country music stars such as Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris and Bob Dylan – incidentally, these are three of my favourite artists as well. Listen to Emmylou (written with Emmylou Harris herself in mind) and Cedar Lane if you want to hear the American Country style. I have always wanted to partner with my best friend, learn these two songs, and sing them at someone’s wedding… dreams, dreams.

First Aid Kit 9

Their style is as unique as their sound, and they pride themselves on dressing freely – bohemian, like modern-day hippies – which is why I love them.

First Aid Kit 1

First Aid Kit 5

But they always remain humble throughout all of the interviews and live music clips that I have ever watched of them.

First Aid Kit 8

My favourite hit, Emmylou, brought their heroine Emmylou Harris to tears as they played it to her live at the Polar Music Prize in 2015.

I really, really want to see these two live… it is on my bucket list!

First Aid Kit 13

Stay fabulous girls… Although I know you need no encouragement.

First Aid Kit 3

First Aid Kit 7

FS xx

First Aid Kit 2

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