Join Me! For Some Magick at Treadwell’s


I am just starting to my make my foray into the world of paganism and magick. I am still learning, and I know I have A LOT to learn, but I am happy in the knowledge that it feels good and natural to do it.

I visited the esoteric shop Treadwell’s on Store Street in Bloomsbury this week, somewhere that I have long wanted to go and investigate… I wasn’t disappointed! It is a treasure trove of natural history – books on lost of virtually unknown cultures and subcultures, and religions praising and dedicating their lives to the Earth and all its wonders. I felt at home here, as though I had at last found an establishment that agreed with my belief that in order to save our planet we must reconnect with Earth and Nature in the way our very first ancestors did, loving and respecting it in all matters, rather than taking it for granted.




It is still and peaceful here, and the shop attendants are very kind and helpful. I will definitely be coming here again.


The shelves and stands are packed with esoteric items and trinkets – candles, small cauldrons for burning coals, aromatherapy oils and dried herbs for casting spells.


They also have these amazing magazines that connect to the Earth in the most spiritual of ways and talk openly about their experiences turning towards a more natural, less materialistic way of life. She Who Knows and Ethical Consumer magazine (not pictured here), which I bought and absolutely loved reading, are on my wish list of magazine subscriptions. They are affordable and very current, and will probably be the topic of many a post here.





I bought a green candle to aid healing, self-love and passion, and a book on Candle Magic (pictured here), which is written by the Bad Witch – a blog that I very much recommend anyone follow who has any interest in modern witchcraft.


Also in my first magick hoard was a glass candle holder, and the book ‘Witch – A Magickal Journey’ by the famous witch Fiona Horne. I have just started reading this book and I love it. It is subtitled ‘A Hip Guide to Modern Witchcraft’ and it is certainly this! Fiona talks about her meeting of her familiar – Lulu, a small brown snake – and about starring in a Playboy magazine article. I found this copy second hand, but you can find your own here:


My first little tribute to the goddess Venus is with healing lavender incense, which I bought from The Astrology Shop in Covent Garden , and Spearmint aromatherapy oil for clarity, both of which are pictured above. A cauldron, I have learnt, is definitely better to burn things in that a little ceramic dish, which has managed to burn through the bottom and burn my desk!!



You live and learn… and burn (lovingly, of course)! Peace and Love, xx



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