My Top Ethical Fashion Picks So Far This Year

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Reaching into my vegan purse and pulling out the crème de la crème of ethical fashion items. I would love to wear these pieces and know that my entire outfit was good for the world.

silk fred boob

never fully dressed

First off, the Boob T by Never Fully Dressed –

100% organic cotton

Printed in London

£5 of EVERY T shirt sold will be donated to Mind Charity

And it’s also really, really cool.



To accessorise – the Silver Feather Ring by Frilly by Lily

  • Made using metals that are 50% recycled as standard
  • Fairtrade silver available upon request
  • Handmade in London
  • £98
takhi 2

Takhi Merino Wool Scarf by likemary, £47.95


Screen shot 2016-04-25 at 21.22.43

To wrap around because it is still chilly outside (April was freezing!), the Merino Wool Blanket by likemary.

  • 100% Merino wool
  • Handwoven with handknotted fringing
  • Fair trade
  • £47.95


I’ve been searching for a pair of sexy and affordable ethical jeans for so long! These ones are perfect!

Black Denim Silhouette Skinnies by Monkee Genes

And now for the pair of perfect boots to go with them… The Kara Boots by Artemisia.

kara 6

The Kara Boots by Artemisia, £33.30

kara 3

kara 1


These are an absolute steal right now because they are in the sale.

Leather is always a difficult one because it involves animals. However, having spoken with the brand, they assure me that their factories in both Spain and India are visited and audited regularly as the ethics of how their shoes are made is something they care strongly about. Of course this may sound naive of me, but it is worth mentioning here that a lot of shoes that profess to be ‘vegan’ and ‘ethical’ because they aren’t made from leather are very often made from plastic, which is made from crude oil and other harmful composites. It’s difficult with shoes, in fact it’s difficult with any product, to know truly what its environmental impact is without being there yourself. In these circumstances, sometimes the only thing you can do is put your trust in the brands and believe them. I also believe that just by asking as a consumer, you are planting the seed in their minds that ethics do matter when it comes to production, and that consumers are starting to really care about it. Even this small victory is good for the world!

Happy Shopping!

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