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Yesterday I really tried to rush this post and it didn’t work – SLOW fashion is what it’s all about. Scroll down for all the eco-fashion goodies. 

Sparkles - Domi Hawken Why don't you dress like that everyday?? Need more leopard in my life

My friend Domi always says that I should wear more sparkles and more dalmatian print. Fake dalmatian print, of course, so that no puppies are harmed, and biodegradable glitter. This photo is from a bygone time at university, before all of my clothes were dissected in my mind for their source and production ethics, and I still happily wandered around in jewellery and coats from Zara* without batting a non-biodegradably sparkly eyelid at how, where and by whom they had been made and what I was paying for.

me and domi

I believe all fashion should be made unequivocally in eco-friendly and fully traceable conditions, with no underpaid labour and with materials that don’t harm the planet. There are so many hidden injustices concealed within the beauty and fashion industries purely because the companies can get away with it – their products are tantalising enough to the materialistic eye that consumers either don’t bother to ask any questions about how it got them or would prefer not to know – just ‘gimmegimmegimme’.

I’m proud of the questioning trait in me now, no matter how difficult it was at first to forgo the cheaper fashions that I could actually afford, and wait instead until months had gone by just to buy one top I had been admiring for ages from an ethical clothing line. But now, after A LOT of research, I have found some amazing fashion brands that are 100% affordable, ethical, fun, beautiful, sexy and successful. They really do exist – fashion and a conscience can go hand in hand, and one definitely doesn’t have to substitute the other.

The Vintees T-Shirts Co.

The Vintees are t-shirts made of 100% organic cotton with unique designs for restless minds. All our t-shirts are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified and printed using non-toxic, water-based inks. All our t-shirts are limited editions.

Never Fully Dressed

“Lucy’s heart humbly lies in working with as wide a charitable insight as possible. Having raised money on various occasions for all different causes; helping homeless children in Uganda, supporting the building with a complete water system throughout Eastern Africa, supporting the crisis in the Philippines, as well as work within her local community, and the list goes on… ”

**** Amazingly and weirdly, the much-loved sister of a girl who used to go to school with me is modelling some of these clothes!! And I follow their blog Bourn Sisters!!


“Nicky believes in fair trade, natural fibres, recycling and the respect born from developing relationships with crafts people whose traditions bring their own story to the likemary treasures.

Many of likemary clothes are made from excess rolls of fabric… The paper in our travel journals is handmade out of unbleached cotton waste from the garment industry. It is tree free ☺

Likemary is driven by passion for fairly traded, beautiful & natural fabrics with a story to tell … ”

Ella Georgia Boutique

“Welcome to Ella Georgia – an award winning, independent, sustainable jewellery and fashion boutique… we take pride in ensuring that our products are also ethically sourced with minimal impact to the environment. Ella Georgia is style with a heart and a conscience!

Every design is hand crafted by talented individuals using the most natural, high quality fabrics and materials; meaning Ella Georgia delivers something special every time. ”

Dancing Leopard

“Garments are produced in India, which is a place close to the heart of Dancing Leopard and a source of great inspiration for the designs. The team work closely within a small factory to ensure that fair-trade standards are met. ”


“FrillyByLily was born from a passion to create beautiful things that are made under fair working conditions and with sensitivity to the environment…

Currently all of our jewellery is made using metals that are are 50% recycled on average. Customers can also request for their items to be made using 100% recycled gold and silver.

… everything is manufactured and assembled in London and Birmingham, we are supporting our home economy and our carbon footprint is minimal. ”


It will only be when people start taking a real interest, demanding these transparent ethics of the companies that produce their favoured items, that we will see a real difference in the way both we and the fashion industry interact with the natural world.

Most of the above brands are English, and all have fair trade, close partnerships with those craftsmen abroad who make their product, or actually make all the products themselves. I believe they all ship abroad.

Night night zzzz



* Zara were highlighted in the press back in August 2011, 2013, 2014 and May 2015 time and again for the ‘slave labour’ working standards for their employees and dubious product traceability. Hopefully it has improved greatly since then, although with the shield of such a great distance these products travel from countries such as Brazil, we may never know for sure.

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