Battersea Park Wonders


My chiropractor told me recently that they film a lot of ‘Made in Chelsea’ in Battersea Park…I wouldn’t know, but their locations team has a good taste in scenery!



It was on a beautiful Easter morning in March that I made my way for the first time to Battersea Park. I have to say, there is a reason I haven’t been here before – my curiosity hasn’t brought me this far south-west! I really need to get a bike.


I got off at Pimlico and crossed Vauxhall Bridge. The moment you cross the bridge London feels different, like it can breathe easier or something. Look at all the cranes dusting the sky – I just noticed these. There were some gorgeous residential squares with courtyard fountains and flowerbeds that I snuck into and took pictures of. It was nice to see these touches of water and plant in the centre of London, something about it being right beside the river gave it a freer feel.



The fountain and flower beds in Bessborough Gardens by Vauxhall Bridge.

I took the bus down Nine Elms Road, definitely not the best road to walk down if you are looking for a stress-free travel time!


Past the gatekeepers’ cottage at Rosery Gate – I wonder if someone still gets to live here?


On down the path beside the south Carriage Drive towards the Boating Lake… The sound of the birds in the trees is amazing.


A magnolia tree, my favourite.

The Boating Lake reminds me of Central Park in New York – a romantic oasis.





There is a sweet space-ship looking cafe, which could probably do with using some locally sourced produce instead of the factory-churned out stuff it is currently using… Would recommend bringing a picnic with organic produce instead!


On down the tree-lined avenues…




Until you reach some wide open spaces with fountains, a tea terrace, and the top of the most beautiful Peace Pagoda on the embankment.




I saw a lot of people meditating here, and no wonder – it was very peaceful.



Standing on the Peace Pagoda, I looked out over the River Thames, listening to children’s laughter and the gentle, gentle lapping of the water against its warm stone banks. It was truly a beautiful day. And it cured my hangover, so that really was something! Here’s a short simple video I took of the river lapping at the banks, the sound is so calming somehow.




I’m going to come and play tennis here one day.


The sign tells you all, apart from the serenity you find here in Spring!


Chelsea Gate, the closest entry to Chelsea Bridge – cars can drive through too.


It’s also a great lookout point for the river.

Gazing out across Chelsea Bridge, I looked downriver towards Imperial Wharf. The view was that well-known blend of rural yet industrial London that I know and love so well. I went on, down across the bridge, and wandered all the way back along the Chelsea Embankment to Westminster, leaving the treasures I knew I would find further west for another day.



p.s. I also went past Battersea Cats and Dogs Home on the way to Battersea Park on the bus and I am definitely going in there on another day – I read the sign and anyone can turn up to see the animals! Watch this space…

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