Hug a Rug! It’s good for you

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How many businesses can say they recycle their water, produce zero landfill, AND use only green energy to provide power? Very few, I can assure you. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you HugRug.

The happy factory.

The happy factory.

HugRug, for me, is the perfect doormat, and I don’t care how weird and domesticated that sounds! They are a completely local business, with the majority of their employees coming from the town in which these beautiful, eco-friendly mats and runners are produced – Clayton West, outside of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire.


The surrounding countryside.

real size

The factory from above in its early years.

The business itself has a history too. Started in 1954, Phoenox Textiles, the company that produces HugRug, is a third generation family-owned business.

To get to the incredibly environmentally-friendly place they are today, the geniuses at HugRug decided to source all raw and recycled materials to make their mats and runners AND create completely new and green manufacturing techniques to produce them. It’s pretty inspiring.

Here are some other impressive reasons why HugRug is good for you and for the environment.

Since they launched in 2008 HugRug have recycled and used:

127, 555 car tyres

4, 373, 333 t-shirts (that’s 4 MILLION!)

2, 733, 333 plastic bottles (almost 3 million!)

And have recycled 1, 575, 000 litres of water PER YEAR from the water used by their business….

That is seriously amazing.

Here is an English, wholly eco-conscious business that we can buy from with total confidence in its ethics. Watch the video to learn more about the history of HugRug, not least for its stunning images of the surrounding Yorkshire countryside:

For the techies among you, here’s exactly how it traps 90% of all dust and dirt. And I know it’s true because I have one of my own!

Here’s how it works:

Screen shot 2016-02-16 at 21.30.14


I’ve obviously picked out some of my favourites below, couldn’t resist! Now to find a house with several doors so that I can buy more than one…

Happy shopping!

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Spot 11, £39.99.





And as always, please, if you buy:


and only wash at 30 degrees – this saves a heap of energy!


30 degreestick



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